Secord Trail 2015-8-7

Eight hikers came to my hike on Aug. 7, 2015 at Secord. My reputation as one who leads unusual hikes must be spreading far and wide because Phil came from Calgary, Cathy came from Oakville, Janice from Oshawa, Thea from Peterborough, Ingrid from Toronto and Andrew from Scarborough. Only Frank and I were local boys.

It was a good hike, enjoyed by all, even if I say so myself. We sprinted through mosquito alley and other low areas west of Concession 3 but dallied as we walked through the darkness of the pine forest, the board walk and other scenic areas east of the parking lot. We also enjoyed the White Family side trail. The trail was clear and much more interesting than the alternate route. Some had not seen the Secord pet cemetery so we ventured there and took a group picture.

A sincere thanks goes out to Frank for once again having his unusual camera on hand and taking some great pictures. We all got safely back to the parking lot at 12:00 pm after having hiked 10 kilometers.

John Fuchs