Jefferson Forest Trillium Hike 2015-5-25

Monday Trillium Trekkers! 

Today 21 hikers and 2 dogs met on Old Colony Rd in Richmond Hill to follow Malcolm on a 2 hour tour into the Jefferson Forest.

The forecast was for showers but we met under sunny skies and surprisingly cool temperatures so that most were glad to get going and not stand around.

Very soon the humidity was felt to be ramping and forced many to strip into lighter clothing. Even Frank was seen to remove both toques and scarf!

We made several loops through the Forest to gaze on the fading beauty of Trilliums displayed there.

As we passed under the Bayview bridge Stan told us the original plan had been was to build a culvert. That changed into the bridge at significant expense but allowed animals and people to cross the busy thoroughfare.

Later, Stan helped again pointing out several varieties flowers including five varieties of Trilliums.

There were few mosquitoes but they were very hungry. On returning home I have found the knuckles on my left hand are swollen to twice size, I have a built-in baseball mitt!

Vicky made a photographic record of this hike which I trust you enjoy and look forward to repeating this hike next year.


Memo to self:

1) Start using bug spray.

2) Leave Jefferson Forest to the mosquitoes until the fall.

3) Schedule the Trillium hike a week earlier next year.

At the end of the hike Frank announced a schedule for the Richmond Hill Chapter of ORTA meeting on June 11th. In the Library at 1 Atkinson St. starting at 6:30PM.

Thank you to all for accompanying me on this 7.3Km hike.



Note: The first 3 pictures were taken on our pre-hike 10 days earlier with trilliums blossoming at the peak with a sea of white.