Adventure Relay

ORTA's Annual Fund Raising Event

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 It's a Race You'll Never Forget!

The Adventure Relay is a 160 km, team event in support of the Oak Ridges Trail Association

 A fabulous 160km relay race, divided into 14 stages, including canoeing, biking and running legs, an amazing experience for Elite, Recreational and Corporate teams.

 When? Saturday, June 10, 2017 – early bird registration available until April 30th

 Where? The route runs from Rice Lake in the east across forest trails and country roads to the finish line in King City.

 Who? Teams range from 2 to 15 members, everyone from veteran adventure racers to active recreational athletes looking for a brand new challenge or wanting to push themselves further.

 Why? So many reasons! Racers have said:

"I want to extend a thanks to all the staff, volunteers other supporters that make this race what it is. This was my team's 9th year competing in the race, and while we're pretty much as recreational as they come, we always have a great time. Congratulations on this milestone for the Relay."

"This was a really fun relay race to do with friends and I definitely look forward to next years race....I’d recommend this race to anyone, regardless of experience. If you’re just starting out adventure racing you get a chance to run, bike, and canoe all in one day. There’s no hard navigation but you still get to cut your teeth reading maps and practice racing with your head up looking for blazers. I’d also recommend this to people of all physical abilities. People who want more of a challenge can definitely do more segments or even back-to-back segments. People who want to dial it back can add more people to their roster and can serve as a great team activity."

 “Many thanks for Michele and all the volunteers for organizing such a wonderful race! It is Team Chinada's 3rd year in the race and as always we had so much fun participating and cheering for all the racers along the way. It is such a great time for friends coming together, supporting each other and bringing out their best on this amazing race day. Your dedication and hard work is what makes this all possible. Thanks and look forward to the 11th relay in 2017!"

 ".... can’t wait for next year. How can you beat running and biking in the forest along the Oak Ridges Moraine? Just doesn’t get better than this.”

 “Had a great time on the water, trails and roads as the “Oridgeinals” dashed to a daylight finish in just over 12 hours. It was a winning combination of personal triumphs and exuberant team spirit that paddled, pedaled and pushed through the 160km course. It made for a very memorable introduction to the Moraine Adventure Relay and we are already planning to return. Thanks to all the volunteers for such a great day”

You too can have a wonderful day competing with your teammates in a beautiful setting supported by fabulous volunteers and know that you are also contributing to the Oak Ridge Trail Associations efforts to maintain and improve the Trail for all to use.

 How? To register, click here

 Further information is available on this site.  

To contact us  call (905)833-6600 or toll free:1(877)319-0285, email



June 10, 2017






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