Eldred King 2015-11-13

Friday November 13 at Eldred King

It didn't look promising. It was cloudy with just a hint of rain. But 12 hikers showed up full of cheeriness and enthusiasm and that made all the difference in the world.


We did 9 1/2 kms exploring some of the many footpaths in the tract. We were again fortunate to have had Fatema along. Who says you can't get good, colourful pictures on a dull and dreary day in mid-November. With her uncanny eye and lots of patience, Fatema sure proved that wrong. The pictures she took surely reflected the mood and the spirit of the hike!


We enjoyed our surroundings and each other's company and left for home convinced that November is one of the better months of the year.


John Fuchs

Photos by: Fatima (Taran Amini)