East Gwillimbury - YRF Bendor & Graves (Kennedy Rd) 2015 Oct 23

October 23, 2015 was an absolutely magnificent fall day, displayed so marvelously by the attached beautiful photos taken by Fatema Amini.


The brilliant sunshine buoyed everyone's spirits and certainly highlighted the still colourful foliage of the trees in the forest. Twenty-one hikers headed out at 9:30 am on some of the little used trails of the Bendor Graves forest. I call it an adventure hike because we transverse some tricky terrain, hike around a number of fallen trees and explore some little used trails and only recently explored forest.


We hiked a total of nine kms and arrived back at the parking lot at 11:55am without suffering any mishaps, yet most assuredly exhilarated by the experience.


John Fuchs