Beausoleil Island – Fairy Lake Trail (Georgian Bay Islands National Park) 2015-9-14

Many thanks for attending the hike on Beausoleil Island' It is the hikers who make these trips successful, and everyone was very tolerant and supportive. 
We ended up having four hikes to meet the different needs of the group, and this is the great thing about Beausoleil with its many well marked trails.
My wife Margaret and her friend Marg found the terrain challenging for their arthritis, so elected for a very slow hike across the first part of the Fairly Lake Trail, then slowly returning to the Gazebo at Chimney Bay. They really enjoyed the pace and the day, and appreciated their Knight in Shinning Armour, Jay Harding, who helped them over some of the challenging sections. He is their new poster boy!
The second group was the four hikers who did the Fairly Lake and Cambrian Trails. This group met up with the rest of the group at Frying Pan Bay docks for lunch. 
The third group of nine did the Cambrian, Fairly Lake, Rockview, Portage, Massasauga trails, back to Chimney Bay. 
The fourth group were the greyhounds who hiked with the third group as far as Portage, then sprinted around Dossyonshing and Georgian back to Portage and onto Chimney Bay. 
Special mention to Malcolm who did a superb job as the lead, including steering us away from a Massasuaga rattlesnake and finding delightful side trails to the various bays. Also to Garry for being a caring sweep to make sure nobody got left behind and looking after the group as a whole. 
Thirteen people came to the Dam Grill at Port Severn and we had a delightful meal sitting on the patio overlooking the water to end a perfect day, swapping stories and renewing friendships. 
Many of you took photos and I was wondering if you could share a few of the your best shots that I can circulate to the rest of the group. I have no photos at the Dam Grill, and would like to see the rattlesnake photo that Carolyn took. 
The organization for the trip was huge, including two reconnaissance trips to Midland, where the Parks Canada HQ is, and Honey Harbour to confirm the locations for the water taxi and Daytripper boats. I confirmed the boats on three occasions, and four days before the hike, the Water Taxi had no record of my booking, despite having visiting them, emailing and phoning, so I was not impressed.   I created a large spread sheet and many forms to make sure everything went smoothly. We had a waiting list of five people in case anyone dropped out.
Should we do this hike again next year,  would we ever be able to match the perfect weather and conditions? I think the general consensus is that we should do it again, so I will pencil in Monday September 12, 2016 meeting at 10.30 at Honey Harbour Dock. 
I might suggest being dropped by the boat at Sandpiper and being picked up at Chimney Bay, but we can chat about that later. 
If we have enough demand, I might be able to fill three or even four boats next year, but for those who came this year, let me know if you want to book early for next year. 
Thanks again to all of you, and don't forget to send those photos.

Baeusoliel Island

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