Rules and Safety

Rules and Regulations

Team Composition

  • Full Relay teams may consist of UP TO 15 participants with one person from each team completing each stage except the canoe stage which requires 2 people per team.
  • Half Relay teams may consist of up to 7 members with one person from each team completing each stage.
  • For the cycling/running legs, racers may be accompanied by a buddy provided both have presented themselves to the checkpoint registration and signed the liability waiver.  Only the racer wearing the number will be timed.

Liability Waiver and Registration

On race day before participating in the event, all competitors must sign that they have read and accept the Liability Waiver           

  • NOTE:   Racers under 18 years of age must present the full waiver form signed by their parent or legal guardian.  If the parent or guardian will not be present on race day waivers must be downloaded from the race website and brought to the race signed.
  • Multiple Legs: Recreational racers competing in multiple legs must check in and sign the waiver at EACH checkpoint, even if they have their bib number already. Elite racers also sign in at each leg at which they compete unless they are doing back to back legs, in which case they are only required to sign the waiver at the FIRST checkpoint of the series. When they sign in they must notify the registration person of their intent to do the back to back legs so that the next checkpoint will be expecting them.
  • Numbers must be worn at all times and worn as directed by race officials.


  • Team placements are based on cumulative time required to complete the course.
  • Teams choose to compete under one of two categories, Elite or Recreational.
  • Default Start Time: Each Checkpoint has a 'Default Start Time' (DST) when any remaining racers assigned to that stage must begin even if their teammate has not yet arrived. This keeps the pace of the race moving.
  • For Elite teams: Only the total time elapsed between the start of the first stage and the finish of the last stage counts. Racers must start the next team member with a physical touch (exceptions CP  #2 and 11).
  • For Recreational teams including Corporate:  The time actually spent on the course is timed (time between when a racer leaves one checkpoint and arrives at the next one).The cumulative time for all checkpoints is added up for the team’s final placement.

Safety and Equipment

Participants must obey all laws and safety requirements set out by the Event Organizers. Failure to comply with these safety requirements may result in penalty or disqualification for the racer and team.

  • Any participant, who abandons the event for whatever reason, must notify a race official immediately, either in person or by calling the emergency number printed on their maps (905 960-0543 or 905 809-5138).  You must provide your name, team name, bib number and stage number.
  • Communication: Participants are encouraged to carry a cell phone and to share that telephone number with their teammates –On race day, in an emergency, to contact race officials call 905 960-0543 or 905 809-5138.
  • Route Conditions:Roads, trails and waterways are not inspected. Please use caution at all times and adjust speed according to conditions.
  • Canoe Leg
    • Paddlers must supply their own Canadian Government approved life jackets or personal floatation devices (PFDs). These must be properly worn and fastened at all times while on the water. Each canoe must carry a safety kit, including a rope, bailer and whistle.
    • A standard non-racing style canoe, lake-worthy for wavy conditions, with single blade canoe paddles must be used.   No kayaks or kayak paddles are allowed
    Cycling Legs
    • ALL cyclists must wear an approved helmet on the entire bike course legs
    • Cyclists must yield the road to vehicular traffic. You need not ride on the shoulder but must stay to right of the paved roadway. Obey all traffic laws and signal your turns.
    • After 9:00pm cyclists must display a white headlight and a flashing red light facing rearward
    Running Legs
    • Lights, preferably head lights, to be used after 9:00pm.


This is an adventure race and so it is possible to get lost, however as much as possible, the route will be clearly marked and patrolled.  Maps should be downloaded from the race website.

  • Route marking will include the ORTA blazes plus additional signage at tricky spots.  Ask at the checkpoint where you register if unclear about blazes and signage.
  • Racers are welcome to preview and train on their routes prior to the race.


June 9, 2018