Uxbridge - Wilder Tract (Durham Rd. 1 / Brock Rd.)

North of Uxbridge/Pickering Townline.

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Uxbridge - Wilder Tract (Durham Rd. 1 / Brock Rd.)

Region/Township: Uxbridge
ORTA Map Number: ORTA Map 5
Coordinates: 44.019503, -79.134345
Meeting Place/Parking:

Meeting in the Pleasure Valley Pathways parking lot on the east side of Brock Rd. 3.2Km. north of the Uxbridge/Pickering Townline.

Terrain: Forested Moderate hills Rolling hills, forest & wetland
Difficulty: Moderate
General Description:

The East Duffins headwater area contains a mixed section of hardwood and deciduous forest. This area of the forest covers rolling hills renowned for its hiking, cross-country skiing, mountain biking and horse back riding.

2499 Brock Rd,
Uxbridge, Ontario L9P 1R4