Uxbridge - Glen Major East (Conc. 7)

Glen Major/Walker Woods

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Uxbridge - Glen Major East (Conc. 7)

Region/Township: Goodwood
ORTA Map Number: ORTA Map 5
Coordinates: 44.0060802, -79.0692565
Meeting Place/Parking:

Meet at parking lot off Uxbridge Conc 7, 6 km south of Durham Route 21 or 1 km north of Uxbridge/Pickering town line or Conc 5 Pickering on Sideline 4.

Terrain: Forest trail Hilly
Difficulty: Moderate
General Description:


Glen Major Forest and Walker Woods is located within the southern portion of the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence floristic region, which is comprised of mixed coniferous-deciduous forests.  A gravel pit once operated on the Glen Major site and is currently being restored.  The remainder of the property complex was previously used for agriculture and contains a variety of habitat including forests, meadows, and wetlands.  Old farm roads and farm building foundations are still evident.  The property complex is surrounded by agricultural land, aggregate pits and rural residential estates.

The Glen Major Forest and Walker Woods property complex is an area rich in biodiversity and incredible vistas.  The site provides the largest contiguous land holding of Toronto and Region Conservation and is characterized by its large forest complexes and rolling topography, typical of the Oak Ridges Moraine.  Containing Areas of Natural and Scientific Interest, such as the Uxbridge Forest Kames, the site provides one of the healthiest and most diverse sites in  Toronto and Region Conservation’s jurisdiction.  There are also numerous Environmentally Significant Areas on the Glen Major Forest and Walker Woods property.  From the upland hardwood forests to the conifer swamps and prairie-like communities, the site contains habitat for 120 different vegetation communities, 573 vascular plant species and 107 different fauna species, including White-tailed Deer, Porcupine, Coyote and Red-shouldered Hawk.

1028 Concession Rd 7
Pickering, Ontario